Troy Judd

Troy Judd



Troy Judd’s professional trajectory is extensively centered upon delivering strategic counsel to clients in matters concerning oil and gas title and business law.

His unwavering dedication is directed towards facilitating clients’ adept management of risk and the attainment of lucidity in their business determinations, whether pertaining to drilling opinions, acquisition appraisals, or intricate business transactions.

Spanning the course of his distinguished career, Troy has been entrusted with the oversight of a substantial array of title opinions, encompassing tens of thousands of tracts situated across multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, he has had the privilege of nurturing and imparting knowledge to numerous legal practitioners and land professionals, thus contributing to the advancement of the legal field. His proclivity for incorporating emerging technologies and innovative methodologies underscores his commitment to furnishing optimal service quality.

In addition to his professional commitments, Troy is the proud father of seven children and enjoys the distinct pleasure of witnessing the growth of an expanding brood of grandchildren alongside his wife.

Office Location:

Fort Worth

Admitted to Bar:
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Oil and Gas; Business Law


University of Texas at Arlington (B.A.)
Baylor Law School (J.D.)