Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal



Kevin brings a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry to his legal practice, drawing on a background deeply intertwined with the sector.

With both his father and brother being Petroleum Geologists, Kevin’s roots in the industry run deep. He holds a B.S. in Petroleum Land Management and earned his law degree from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert School of Law.

After completing law school, Kevin refined his skills in real estate, collections, and defense law while working in small and medium-sized law firms. Transitioning into the corporate realm, he assumed the roles of Vice-President of Land and General Counsel for a privately held Louisiana-based E&P Company. Concurrently, Kevin established his own land/legal practice, focusing on land issues and operational disputes prevalent in the industry.

Throughout his career, Kevin has seamlessly balanced dual roles as a landman and legal advisor, actively contributing to the acquisition of significant acreage for 3-D seismic programs, pipelines, and large-scale oil and gas leasing ventures across Louisiana. His expertise spans comprehensive title research, lease/permit negotiation and acquisition, as well as the preparation of title opinions.

On the operational front, Kevin has been pivotal in negotiating and drafting various contracts and agreements among industry stakeholders. This includes exploration agreements, joint operating agreements, farm-ins, farm-outs, and other key instruments. Furthermore, he has taken a lead role in evaluating title and land issues pertaining to mergers and acquisitions involving industry clients.

Admitted to Bar:
  • Louisiana

Oil and Gas Law; Real Estate; Estate Planning


Petroleum Land Management (B.S.)
LSU’s Paul M. Hebert School of Law (J.D.)