Diversity In Action

Kuiper Law Firm is committed to creating an environment that attracts and retains top talent from all backgrounds.

We recognize that fostering an inclusive environment contributes to a more diverse and equitable legal sector overall. The firm embraces hiring and employment practices designed to support, promote and encourage the long-term retention of women and minorities within the firm.

Our Women’s Initiative operates on both a firm-wide and office-specific level, continually nurturing a diverse range of programs designed to uplift our women. These initiatives, such as business development training, mentoring programs, and family-friendly support, serve not only our female lawyers but also contribute positively to the growth and success of all our legal professionals. The American Bar Association reported in 2022 that women attributed caretaking commitments as the number one reason (58%) why they decided to leave their law firms. The firm’s remote work policies and maternity and paternity leave policies are intentionally designed to benefit and support working mothers. All members of the firm are encouraged to place a higher priority on building their families than advancing their careers.  We believe the latter will follow when the former is practiced.

We actively seek to identify and address systemic barriers that hinder a collegial environment. We have established a dynamic hiring practice by fostering a candidate pipeline through South Texas College of Law Houston, which is one of the highest ranked law schools in the nation for diversity. We have also established a mentor/mentee program designed to foster growth and provide women and minorities with access to senior attorneys who personally understand the unique challenges they face.

Over 50% of Employee’s are Women

25% of Employee’s are Minorities

80% of our Management Team are Women

Women In Action

“At Kuiper Law Firm, our Women’s Initiative is more than supporting women attorneys – it’s a spark for change throughout the firm. We’re all about active mentoring, supporting each other as allies, and creating more opportunities. We want to lead the way in empowering women, and that’s how we keep our firm thriving.”

Lori Davlin, Partner & General Counsel

“Having diversity in leadership isn’t just about representation; it’s a catalyst for cultivating a thriving corporate culture. When employees witness leaders who reflect their backgrounds and perspectives, it signals that the organization cherishes diverse viewpoints, nurtures a sense of belonging, and demonstrates that advancement is attainable for all. This, in turn, fuels a dynamic work environment and bolsters talent retention.”

Ashley Findorak, Human Resources Manager

“At KLF, I’ve witnessed firsthand how empowerment and inclusion can fuel not only my success but also the collective growth of our team. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative of what’s possible in the legal profession.”

Alisha Dugger, Office Manager