The Adam McCauley Cancer Family Foundation

Kuiper Law Firm, PLLC is an active contributor to the Adam McCauley Family Cancer Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to provide assistance and guidance to children who have lost a parent to terminal cancer.

Our original efforts were in support of Adam McCauley and his family when he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer, in 2020. Family, friends, and business colleagues from the Oil & Gas industry all rallied around to support Adam’s family during that trying time.

From this experience, we realized the great need to support not only Adam’s family, but other children that may be in a similar situation. The Adam McCauley Family Foundation was then born in 2022. Our mission has evolved to support children whose families have suffered from the hands of cancer.

Each year the foundation hosts a golf tournament to raise money for the families that have been affected by cancer. Family and friends gather to remember Adam and his legacy, as well as new members join to support the foundations cause.

We encourage you to make a financial contribution to this Foundation if you are inclined.